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Has Michael Flynn Cut a Deal with FBI to Flip on Trump? (Palmer Report)

I’m not familiar with the Palmer Report, but this seems like a thoughtful and appropriately cautious assessment of what may be going on with whole Trump-Russia investigation – certainly the most explosive problem Trump could potentially be facing in the months ahead. I think Comey and the FBI would be happy to nail Trump on […]

Beautiful Jefferson Airplane Voice Only Cut of White Rabbit

Go to a quiet place, tolerate the short ad, wait through 30 seconds of silence at the beginning of this, then listen all the way through. It will make your day. Thanks to Kerwin Kaye for the link.

Gay Veterans Get to March in Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Good to see some positive news in these discouraging times.

Upsurge in Activist Art

Looking forward to an upsurge of political art. Been wondering why the current progressive movements don’t have their own songs. Every effective social movement (labor, civil rights, anti-war) has had its own music. Why is there none now? Pleased to hear Judy Collins, at a book tour talk this week, say she was going to […]

“You Can’t Kill Light” — Monica Pasqual

“You Can’t Kill Light” by Monica Pasqual is one powerful song, singable en masse, for today’s movements. Check it out. Thanks to Kim Mears for the link.