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Gen Mai Cha


Steeping in you,

pungent leaves

soaking to soft

in the warm wet brew

that melts out of us

when we mix,

I take you in

watch, feel myself change

you change


and not slowly,


softer, softer,

crusts dissolving,

dances within dances.


The intricacy pleases me,

January 21st, 2015 | Category: Poems | One comment

When All the Wheels Stop


When all the wheels stop

and the night is still,

tell me:

What do you hear then?

Love Poem


There are times

when all glory is dead,

when magnificence sits shriveled in the corner

whimpering sad laments,

when Would Be

and Could Be

and Should Be

disappear suddenly into the great Are Not,

and I am left all alone

with just plain me.


It’s like evening

when the brilliant sunset loses its […]

Slowly, slowly


Slowly, slowly

we grow together,

skin across the wound

of our separateness.

Let me brush away protest with your hair


Let me brush away protest with your hair,

unbutton passion with your blouse,

stroke red blood into your pale lips,

make of you a river of wriggling, squirming life.

You are so clean and orderly.

I want to play to the secret smiles

that dance over your lips.

I want to disarrange the perfection