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Other Essays


The Heritage of Clinton-Lewinsky: Lasting Effects of a Transient Aberration (Sexuality and Culture, April, 2000)

The Greatest Show on Earth (Clean Sheets, February 2, 2000)

To Be a Man: Boys Don’t Cry and the Story of Brandon Teena (Clean Sheets, December 8, 1999)

Exposed: Interview With Susie Bright (Spectator, October 29, 1999)

Weapon Or Toy? (Salon, July 6, 1999)

Not of One Mold: The Erotic Lives of Women (Spectator, April 30, 1999)

Theatre of Life: The Photography of Jan Saudek (Spectator, April 16, 1999)

Common Ground: Academics, Pornographers, and First Amendment Attorneys Meet at the World Pornography Conference (Spectator, September 11, 1998)

Naked Ladies Triumph: A Historic Multimillion-Dollar Settlement Against the Mitchell Brothers Confirms that T&A Providers Are Indeed Employees (Salon, July 14, 1998)

Talking Sex: Landmarks in Free Expression (Playboy, July, 1998)

To Be a Sexual Son (The Sun, June, 1998)

Light & Shadows: An Interview With Jock Sturges (LA Weekly, March 6, 1998)

Prostitute Rights Activist Speaks Her Mind: Interview with Tracy Quan (Spectator, December 19-26, 1997)

Much Thicker than Water (Spectator, October 31, 1997)

The Hookers Convention (The Realist, Summer, 1997)

The Whores of Storyville (Libido, Spring, 1997)

Down and Dirty (Spectator, August 2, 1996)

Differences, Sex and Power: An Interview with Dave Hingsburger (Spectator, January 30, 1996)

The Dark Side: Interview with Charles Gatewood (Spectator, August 4-11, 1995)

Raffaelli’s Secrets (Spectator, September 2-23, 1994)

Interview with Lusty Lady Owner June Cade (Spectator, September 3, 1993)

Madonna: Laying It on the Line (Spectator, November 20, 1992)

Taking Power: An Interview with Bianca (Spectator, October 16-23, 1992)

Erotic Worlds of Fantasies and Dreams (Spectator, July 3, 1992)

The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self (1992)

Erotic Initiation and Passage (The Erotic Impulse: Honoring the Sensual Self, 1992)

The Soul’s Basement Delights (Spectator, March 27, 1992)

Slut/Goddess; Healer/Whore (Spectator, September 13, 1991)

Bulkhead’s Back…Disturbing the Peace! (Spectator, July 19, 1991)

The Jack-And-Jill-Off Parties (The Realist, January-February, 1991)

One Man’s Abortion Story (1987)