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Kissed Kisses Where Crash Crashes; Erotic by Nature Seized by British Customs (Comes Naturally #59)


Embracing Passion and Obsession: A Crash Course in Kissing

Of course I went to see Kissed the first night it came to town. The trailers for the film looked positively compelling, after all, and the issue — the erotic component of death — is pretty compelling in its own right, and deliciously forbidden to […]

Lusty Lady Dancers Ratify Union Contract; Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Regional Conference Report (Comes Naturally #58)


Honoring Sexual Labor

Employees at San Francisco’s Lusty Lady Theater voted nearly unanimously April 4th to accept the work contract negotiated with theater management by the Exotic Dancers Union, an affiliate of Service Employees International Union, AFL-CIO, Local 790. The contract, which covers some 30 cashiers and janitors at the theater as well as […]