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Bill Clinton’s Underwear; Brazilian President Itamar Franco and the Lack Thereof; Rating Politicians on Sex; Notes from SSSS/San Diego; An Optimistic Look Forward (Comes Naturally #21)


A President and His Underwear

Maybe this is just me making something big out of something little (no, I don’t have my hand in my crotch), but I keep on thinking that something important is different, now that sex is back in the White House. I mean, it’s been over 25 years since anybody […]

An Interview with Jock Sturges

On April 25, 1990, a group of FBI agents and officers of the San Francisco Police Department raided the studio of photographer Jock Sturges, seizing his cameras, his prints, his computer — everything relating to his work as an internationally recognized fine art photographer, much of whose work involves nude portraiture of children […]