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Where I Leave Off, Where You Begin (Comes Naturally #98)


“I am not sure where I leave off, where you begin

is there a difference, here in these soft permeable membranes?”

— Lenore Kandel


“In the end, we are all really making love to ourselves.”

— Marco Vassi


“If I Had Breasts…”

“I don’t know how girls can stand it. If I […]

The Ladies of Rylstone (Comes Naturally #97)


In 1984, a group of decidedly proper, middle-aged women in Kensington, California, decided to meet together to talk about the role of eroticism in their lives. They read well-known authors like Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin. They checked out magazines like Penthouse, Chic, and Playgirl. They told each other what they found erotic and […]