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Challenging the Rule of Law: The Most Serious Trump Danger

Here’s another article pointing to the most important aspects of what’s going on with the Trump cabal right now — not immigration bans, but challenging whether court orders will be followed or ignored. It’s great that so many new people have mobilized through the women’s march and the airport protests, and that the energy among […]

Border Agents Defy Judges’ Orders

This has become the most significant ongoing issue of the immigration ban: whether Trump and customs officials get away with willfully disobeying a clear court order that detainees at Dulles airport be given access to lawyers. Trump is testing to see what happens if he chooses to ignore the courts and disobey the law. If […]

National Basketball Association vs. Donald Trump

The National Basketball Association is being judicious but is clearly not happy with Donald Trump’s immigration ban. This from the NBA website:

This week politics bled into the NBA when President Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Milwaukee Bucks rookie Thon Maker and Los Angeles Lakers veteran Luol […]