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The Proud Sexual Roots of San Francisco (Comes Naturally #71)


A Sex-Historical Tour

Playboy senior editor James Petersen came to San Francisco a few weekends ago, in the role of tour guide. Petersen gave up his long-standing post as the Playboy Advisor to focus on writing a “History of the Sexual Revolution” that has been appearing in Playboy for the past two years. Now […]

Victoria Woodhull, Women’s Suffrage, and the Politics of Free Love (Comes Naturally #70)


Lessons of the Past

Oh, the things about history they don’t teach you in school!

I’ve just finished reading Other Powers, Barbara Goldsmith’s wonderful book on the life and times of “the scandalous” Victoria Woodhull, and let me tell you it’s one delightful foray into the intricacies of how national political policy is affected […]