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Light & Shadows: An Interview with Jock Sturges

[Different versions of this interview were published in LA Weekly (“Light & Shadows,” March 6, 1998), San Jose Metro (“Naked Truth,” March 19, 1998), Santa Cruz Metro (“Prints of Peace,” March 19, 1998) Boston Phoenix (“Naked Eye,” April 16, 1988), and San Francisco Metropolitian (“Edge of Innocence,” April 20, 1998).]


On April […]

The Odd Ways We Get to Talk More Freely About Sex (Comes Naturally #68)


An Elegant Game of Media Chess

I never thought I’d see the day when Mike Wallace would be offering the word “pussy” to the world of serious television news, but there it was.

It was Sunday, February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, and Sixty Minutes was doing a background report on Vernon Jordan, […]