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Assaults on Conventional Heartland: Rodman, Ryan, Ritual, and Restraint (Comes Naturally #47)

Dennis Rodman as the Archangel Gabriel: For Unto Us a New World Is Born

They’re right, you know, these right-wing ideologues, when they say that loosening up the rules about gender, gender roles, and sexual orientation leads directly and inevitably to the disintegration of the most basic and cherished foundations of social order […]

This Thing We Call Sex (Comes Naturally #46)

So much noise all the time about sex. I don’t mean discussion of sex, or thought about sex-related issues. I mean just plain noise. Background noise. Yammering. Static. The kind of constant, ongoing noise pollution that does nothing more than make it difficult to focus on anything that really matters anyway.

It’s like […]

Trilogy: Python, Chains, Orgasm


1. Python

Waking in the middle of the night, out of god knows what dream, holding onto you and something dark and purple beginning. Holding onto you and you holding me so richly, and some kind of tearless crying, moans that were connected to nothing, some feeling without a name. And then some kind […]