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Of City Commissions, Prostitution, and One Knight Errant’s Continuing Quest for the Holy Grail of Sexual Sanity (Comes Naturally #49)

“We hope that by going slow and being methodical we will be able to bring some sanity to this process.” — Supervisor Tom Ammiano at the press conference releasing the final report of the San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution

“The truth never hurt a cause that was just.” — Mahatma Gandhi



Down and Dirty


RED LIGHT: INSIDE THE SEX INDUSTRY, photographs by Sylvia Plachy, text by James Ridgeway, powerHouse Books, 1996, hardbound, 256 pages, illustrated, $39.95.


As you may have noticed, sex work and sex workers are rarely the focus of serious journalistic reporting or investigation. It’s not, of course, that no one is interested in the […]