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Tech Sex (Comes Naturally #7)


Tech Sex: For Better, For Worse

As Lisa Palac, “queen of high-tech porn” and editor of Future Sex magazine, enjoys pointing out, every new technological achievement quickly finds its way, like water flowing downhill, to a sexual application.

When the photographic process was first discovered, one of its first uses was to create enticing […]

Paraphilopolis Journal; Sex and Theater: The Duchess of Malfi and Unquestioned Integrity; Marco Vassi’s Novels Reprinted (Comes Naturally #6)


Paraphilopolis Journal

Overheard at a San Francisco coffee shop:

Young woman behind the counter: “Mikey! Good to see you! How come you never come in any more? Do I have to beat you?”

Mikey (thoughtful pause): “Beating would be nice….”

They both look over at me, a little shyly. I smile warmly, to reassure […]