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Erotic Art Reaches a New High in Seattle


Walter Grio, Room 211 No. 2


Seattle is the home of the largest and highest quality annual exhibition of erotic art in the U.S. — perhaps in the world. Each year the Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) grows in stature, quality, and public recognition, and this year’s eighth festival, held […]

A Fond Farewell to Aunt Peg


Juliet Carr, better known by her screen name — Juliet Anderson — and adored by fans as her adult film personna, Aunt Peg, died peacefully in her sleep Sunday night, January 10, at her home in Berkeley. She was 71.

Juliet was discovered by her friend, Kevin Fong, Tuesday morning, when […]

Putting the X Back in Xmas


Sex should be all over the place as part and parcel of the Holiday Season, but sadly it’s not.

What could be more holy? More wholesome? More whole-making and soul-affirming? Maybe if Jesus had been a woman, if the culture of our roots had seen fit to offer the role of Messenger of the […]

Sins Invalid: An Unashamed Look at Sex, Beauty, and Disability


Who is sexy? Who is sexual? Who is sexually desirable? Who is sexually vibrant?

Are the people that society designates “beautiful” really sexier or more sexual than the people who get labeled “plain”?

What about older people, heavier people? What about people with disabilities? Are these people fully sexual human beings even though they […]

Of Sex Toys, Weapons, and Airplanes


Going to board my flight back from a conference of sexologists in Seattle, I’m surprised to hear my carry-on sex-toy bag set off the airport’s security metal detector. It usually does just fine as long as I leave my 8-inch solid brass dildo — a Kegel-muscle exerciser that I affectionately call Robocop — home, […]