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Madonna: Laying It on the Line


Sex by Madonna, photographed by Steven Meisel, designed by Fabien Baron, Warner Books, 1992, spiral bound with aluminum covers, $49.95.


The official title, branded deep into the aluminum cover, is Sex but the mylar wrapper is more accurate when it announces Madonna Sex. Madonna Sex Fantasy would be even more on target because, […]

Reactions to Madonna’s Sex; Vanity Fair’s Hot Ads; Danielle Willis at Climate Theatre; Mark I. Chester’s SEXART Salons (Comes Naturally 1)

Reactions to Madonna’s Sex

I’m trying to resist, but I can’t sit here putting a column together, not this week, without saying something about Madonna, about Madonna’s book Sex (Madonna Sex as it says on the mylar wrapper).

Madonna Sex is an important book, don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s imaginative, adventuresome and […]