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CN 26-50

Comes Naturally, Issues 26-50

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Comes Naturally #50 (September 20, 1996): The Fear of Touch; Diary of a Thought Criminal

Comes Naturally #49 (August 23, 1996): Of City Commissions, Prostitution, and One Knight Errant’s Continuing Quest for the Holy Grail of Sexual Sanity

Comes Naturally #48 (July 27, 1997): Cupido’s New Reader Survey on Photos of Women; Laughing with Striptease; Sexual Incursions into the Mainstream

Comes Naturally #47 (June 29, 1996): Assaults on Conventional Heartland: Rodman, Ryan, Ritual, and Restraint

Comes Naturally #46 (June 1, 1996): This Thing We Call Sex

Comes Naturally #45 (May 4, 1996): “Touch” Photos at Good Vibes; Respecting the Sexual Needs of the Developmentally Disabled

Comes Naturally #44 (April 6, 1996): Censorship on the Internet; The San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution

Comes Naturally #43 (February 9, 1996): Taking from Peter to Pay Paul: Bijou Group Theaters Put Dancers on Payroll, Then Cut Their Tips

Comes Naturally #42 (January 12, 1996): Crossing the Public-Private Sex Boundary: An Ode to Sex Parties

Comes Naturally #41 (December 15, 1995): Sex and the American President

Comes Naturally #40 (November 17, 1995): Erotic Dancers Receive Cash Judgments for Wages in Oregon and San Francisco; Mitchell Brothers Next?; Mark I. Chester’s Latest Sexphoto Show

Comes Naturally #39 (October 20, 1995): Women Who Put Sex Before Marriage; Animation Joculation

Comes Naturally #38 (September 22, 1995): Where Sex and Religion Meet; The Child Protection Restoration and Penalties Enforcement Act of 1990; Dillsberry, U.S.A.; Sexart 4

Comes Naturally #37 (August 25, 1995): Coast-to-Coast Cross-Fertilization; S/m Chic; Newt Gingrich, Cyberslut

Comes Naturally #36 (July 28, 1995): Crime and Punishment: Hugh Grant and the Politics of Prostitution

Comes Naturally #35 (June 30, 1995): Getting Real with Teens about Sex; A Little Wholesome Sexiness on the Streets of the City

Comes Naturally #34 (June 2, 1995): Sex on the Net: Thoughts on a Culture Being Born

Comes Naturally #33 (May 5, 1995): Sexy Male Nudes: Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, 1978; Collector’s Photography, 1986; Cupido’s Women Readers, 1995

Comes Naturally #32 (April 7, 1995): Cupido Under Fire; Cyborgasm2: The Edge of the Bed

Comes Naturally #31 (March 10, 1995): Erotic Transformations; Blood Rituals; Mistress Kat’s Fantasy Ball

Comes Naturally #30 (February 10, 1995): A Visit to San Jose’s Swing Club; Changing of the Guard at On Our Backs

Comes Naturally #29 (January 13, 1995): Mother Jones Rejects Michael Rosen as Pornographic; Berkeley Almost Does the Same to Good Vibrations; Federal Express Takes a Stand for Sexual Tolerance

Comes Naturally #28 (December 16, 1994): Bits and Pieces: The End of the Sprinkle Salon; Satan and the Children; Teenage Morality in Iran; FTM Media Mania; A Sexy and a Not-So-Sexy Movie

Comes Naturally #27 (November 11, 1994): Exit to Eden; Raffaelli’s Non-Rabid Prosecutor; Tussling with Layne about Natural Born Killers

Comes Naturally #26 (October 14, 1994): Thinking about Natural Born Killers (or: We Have Seen the Enemy and S/He Is Us)

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