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Raffaelli Goes to Court; The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber; Changes at Future Sex (Comes Naturally #20)


Raffaelli Update

The strange case of Ron Raffaelli, who was charged in Delano with sale and distribution of child pornography (see Comes Naturally, April 1), has begun to wend its way through the court system.

Raffaelli went to court April 8th. The good news was that the District Attorney had decided to drop the […]

Three Collisions Between Sexual Sanity and Sexual Fear: The Serious and Not-So-Serious Tales of Ron Raffaelli, Martin Keogh and Michael Rosen (Comes Naturally #19)


The Strange Case of Ron Raffaelli

Photographer Ron Raffaelli, whose joyful, celebratory imagery has been on the cutting edge of sexual photography for over twenty years, has been arrested in Kern County, California, and charged, of all things, with sale and distribution of child pornography.

Perhaps you have run into Raffaelli’s photography somewhere in […]