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This Thing We Call Sex: Contents


        Foreword         i

        Introduction         1

Part 1: Tales         

         poem: not a word!      12

         Of Sex Toys and Airport Security           13

         The Jack-and-Jill-Off Parties             17

         Cock Ring Ken             23

         To Ship a Photograph             27

         The Saga of Finger Magazine       33

         The Truth About              41

         Victoria Woodhull and the Politics of Free Love       47

Part 2: Reflections 

         poem: making love last night       56

         The Sexual Family               57

         If I Had Breasts…    65

         Getting Real with Teens about Sex             69

         Lap Dancing in San Francisco: A Political History  75

         Forward Motion: A Gender Odyssey           87

         Marco Vassi: Avatar of Eros             97

         Of Blood, Fear, and Erotic Transformation          103

         Trafficking, Sex Panic, and the Politics of Prostitution         107

 Part 3: Images of Sex 

         poem: heat drips from the shutters          120

         Real Sex in Front of a Camera?            121

         Men and Pornography            129

         Male Nudes and the Tyranny of Homophobia            135

         Jan Saudek and the Erotic World of Fantasies and Dreams            143

         Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age            149

 Part 4: The Heart of the Matter  

         poem: you ask what I want            156

         The Erotic Impulse              157

         Designated Innocents, Designated Perverts             163

         The Myths of Monogamy             171

         Good Touch, Bad Touch, Losing Touch            177

         The Woman Who Puts Sex Before Marriage            185

         This Thing We Call Sex             191

 Part 5: Personal Stories  

         poem: Gen Mai Cha            198

         Birthday Bang             199

         Crossing the Public-Private Sex Boundary              209

         Gender Blur: The Call of Her Penis         217

         Without a Room of One’s Own              227

         Viagra and the Pursuit of Perfection              235

         Hitting and the Politics of the Marquis de Sade         243

         One Man’s Abortion Story             251

         To Be a Sexual Son              267

   Notes         283