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In a culture capable of astonishing levels of hysteria and illogic over matters sexual, David Steinberg stands out as one of our sanest voices on this subject. Erotic by Nature features Steinberg's writing and curatorial efforts, as well as examples of his own sexual photography and erotic poetry and fiction.


Heat: An Erotic Anthology, edited by the Café's Executive Director, A. D. Coleman, is an ongoing, gradually growing collection of creative and diaristic writings, discursive essays, visual art, and multimedia projects in which the erotic impulses of a diversity of voices representing the breadth of the sexual spectrum are allowed free rein.

Is there sex after 60? Not just in the mind, but in actual practice? In Plunce: Don Riemer's Libidinal Journal, a pseudonymous midwestern U.S. male asks and answers (affirmatively) that question, ruminating along the way on everything from black box theory as it applies in romantic situations to the euphemism frottage.

Plus: A section of our Café's bookmarks list, Jump City: Hot Links, offering our favorite love-related and lust-related sites elsewhere on the Web.

Note: Except for the Love & Lust links page, we restrict access to all our Love & Lust features to those over 18 years of age.