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Based on ancient folk medicine, developed and promulgated by the late Dr. Long Yu Qian of Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, in the People's Republic of China, taught and tested for decades at Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University, Jade Universe Holistic Healing™ constitutes a system of treatment for diverse ailments both grave and minor, as well as a method of preventive medicine and general health maintenance. Unknown until now in the west, it makes its debut here at The Nearby Café.

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Dr. Long Yu Qian

See also Linda Troeller's TB-AIDS Diary, a, prophetic and empathetic photocollage response to both these plagues, in the Café Gallery. Widely acclaimed and internationally circulated, this 1988 project was the first to draw the parallel between the treatment of TB sufferers in earlier times and the situation of AIDS victims in our day.

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Plus: A section of the Café's bookmarks list, Jump City: Hot Links, offering our favorite health and wellness-related sites elsewhere on the Web.

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