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Liu Xia Exhibition — Update 5

Style Weekly, Richmond, VA, 2-19-13, cover.

Style Weekly, Richmond, VA, 2-19-13, cover.

“The Silent Strength of Liu Xia,” the touring exhibition of 26 photos by the dissident Chinese photographer, artist, and poet, opened at the Lora Robins Gallery of the University of Richmond Museums in Richmond, VA, on February 28, where it will remain on view through April 28. Details of this stop on the show’s tour can be found by clicking here.

Meanwhile, Liu Xia’s younger brother, Liu Hui, has been arrested and formally charged with fraud in Beijing. The charges relate to a real-estate dispute that was resolved out of court months ago. Most observers take this as a transparent act of intimidation, and retaliation for two recent unauthorized visits to Liu Xia by small groups of her supporters.

Lliu Xia poster, Richmond, 2013.

Lliu Xia poster, Richmond, 2013.

The New York Times published an account by Chris Buckley, which states that the charging of Liu Hui “appeared to be an effort to deter Mr. Liu’s wife from defying house arrest.” Buckley describes Liu Xia as “a shave-headed artist and writer.” He surely means shaven-headed, and neglects to mention that this does not represent a fashion statement, but a symbolic act in protest against the incarceration of her husband, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo. (See “Relative of Jailed Chinese Laureate Faces Fraud Charges,” March 29, 2013.)

Buckley’s report concludes, “‘They [the Chinese government] have become much tougher about keeping people from visiting her,’ said Mr. Hu, the rights advocate. ‘There are more police there now, not just guards. She’s been warned not to respond to any visits by going to her window or even turning on a light — nothing to give people any encouragement.'” This comment comes from Hu Jia, one of those who visited her in December 2012; Hu made a video of that incursion and posted it online.

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