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About This Site

You can link to and/or access this website, “Liu Xia: Silent Strength,” in two ways:

  • Via its short URL forwarder, Note: Some browsers have problems with URL forwarders, and some ISPs — those of mainland China, for example — block them entirely.
  • Via its full URL,

Our goals for this site are these:

  • To serve the informational and publicity needs of the touring exhibition “The Silent Strength of Liu Xia.”
  • To document the exhibition’s stay at its venues by gathering and making available all the materials generated by the respective venues (press releases, posters, catalogues, etc.), installation shots, reportage photos and videos of the openings and related programming events, and press coverage.
  • To collect here as much existing written commentary about Liu Xia and her work as we can find, and to encourage the production of new writing about her by publishing it.
  • To gather links to material about Liu Xia online elsewhere — video interviews with her and others, news reports and commentary not directly related to the exhibition — in order to provide social, political, and cultural context for the show.

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