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The direct inspiration for this History of Photography Calendar is historian and educator Harold H. Jones, formerly of the Department of Photography, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, who (in his role as the first director of Light Gallery in New York City) published a printed calendar with an assortment of notable and/or obscure photo-historical dates embedded in it.

With Harold's blessing -- and his generosity in sharing that list -- and your anticipated help, plus our own humble efforts, we've decided to expand on it ad infinitum. What we're looking for: birth and death dates on important figures; dates of discovery, invention, introduction (e.g., Dektol was first marketed on ??); memorable occasions (Edward Weston met Charis Wilson on ??); etc. If you think it's intriguing, others probably will too.

Simply fill out the Photo-Historical Facts Submit-It Form and e-mail it in to us. We'll look over your proposed entry and, most likely, log it in for posting. If you include your name and e-mail address in the forms, and send us a minimum of ten suitable facts, we'll add you to the list below.

We have already discovered that more than one significant event in the history of photography has happened on the same day of the year -- sometimes, indeed, on the very same day of the very same year. Coincidence? You decide!

Assorted Nabobs, Know-it-alls and Scalawags who've contributed to this data bank so far: Harold H. Jones
A. D. Coleman

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