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About this Calendar

The History of Photography Calendar presents date-specific tidbits of information relating to the history of this medium, for your edification and delight.

We produce it with the assistance of assorted nabobs, know-it-alls and scalawags -- a motley crew that could include you.

We consider it unfortunate that notable events -- even including the births and deaths of historic figures in the field -- too often become reduced to the year of their occurrence. Something of the resonance of their specific moment in time gets lost in that process. And it frustrates the commemorative impulse that many of us feel. Not to mention our curiosity as to what of photographic note might have happened on days significant to us.

All are welcome to contribute photo-history facts to it, and will receive full credit for their additions if they submit them in quantity. We also provide a Links List of connections to related sites; your recommendations are invited. Click here for information about editorial and internship possibilities pertaining to the calendar.

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