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Our selection of relevant and useful links will take you to sites that contain further information about the history of photography. We've included a few that offer information about what's happening right now.

The Fox Talbot Museum devotes itself to the life and work of the man who gave us the positive-negative process, William Henry Fox Talbot.
• The restored home of Nicephore Niépce, where this pioneering inventor made the first photograph/heliograph in history, is now open to visitors. You can find online information in French and English at Nicephore Niépce.
• Dr. Robert Leggat's excellent and thorough A History of Photography from its beginnings till the 1920s contains basic information, references, images, and much more on the medium's first century.
The American Photographic Historical Society's site offers much information and includes an excellent Related Links page.
• Prof. Mehmet Bayhan offers an introduction to the history of Turkish photography.
Chronomedia claims that it is "destined to become the most comprehensive and accurate timeline of developments in communications media ever compiled."
Adventures in Cybersound: 2500 Years of Communications History presents another such timeline.
• As does The Complete History of the Invention of Cinematography.
• Jeff Ward's Timeline of Social Documentary Practice deals specifically with events relating to that form.
The Magic Lantern Society of the U.K. provides extensive information on the origins of that influential device whose present-day descendant, the slide projector, no photographer seems able to master.

As for current events:
The Photo Review provides information on NYC and Middle Atlantic events, along with essays on aspects of photography history.
• No better guide to current exhibitions in the New York area exists than, posted by Photograph, the bimonthly New York gallery guide.
• They deliver what they promise: Soho's Global Art Events Calendar provides listings from around the world.
Art Now's Gallery Guide Online does the same.

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