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Clarence John Laughlin: In Memoriam (1)

Sam Wagstaff told Clarence John Laughlin that if he bought something he owned it. He could hang it on his own wall, stick it in a box under his bed, use it as a coaster, scale it out the window — it was his, to do with as he pleased. […]

Year-End Ends and Odds

Fashion model Winnie Harlow’s career represents yet another instance of the social importance of disabilities — and, more broadly, differences — going mainstream. When anything beyond the norm goes public via a forthright, positive visual image thereof, from sexual orientation to physical characteristics, tolerance and then acceptance follow close behind. […]

Birthday Musings 12/19/16

I’ll Go On

I did not plan to spend my seventies confronted daily by the latest doings of a dangerously egomaniacal ignoramus and his malignant cronies, intent on reshaping my world by striving to undo every bit of progress achieved in this country over my lifetime. Yet here I sit, staring into the […]

Rendering Unto (Irene) Caesar

Irene Caesar, engrossed in her process, seems entirely oblivious to my discomfort, even when, quietly, I give verbal indications thereof. Crouching, kneeling, sometimes squatting on a soft-sided suitcase of mine, she appears to have entered a trance state in which she channels the spirit of David Hemmings in Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 film Blow-Up. Squirming around to adjust her vantage point, she calls out, repeatedly, “Give it to me! Give to to me! Show me your eroticism!” […]

Election 2016: Image World (5b)

With their let-’em-eat-cake attitudes, the Republic Party threatens 45 million people with plans to take the food out of their mouths, while derogating them for their inability to feed themselves. That’s a powerful image of themselves for the GOP to project. Let’s see how well it serves them on November 8. […]