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Comes Naturally
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Comes Naturally 1-25

Comes Naturally issues: 1-25 / 26-50 / 51-75 / 76-100 / 101-125 / 126-150 / 151-175

Comes Naturally #25 (September 16, 1994): Midnight Musings on Sex as Discovery, the Lure of the Other, and the Hera-Aphrodite Dilemma

Comes Naturally #24 (August 19, 1994): Libido Editor Dismissed at Northwestern; New Definitions for Perverts; Teenage Lust; Michael Rosen's Book #3

Comes Naturally #23 (July 22, 1994): Saving Our Strippers

Comes Naturally #22 (June 24, 1994): Of Blood, Spandex, and Lesbian Enjoyment

Comes Naturally #21 (May 27, 1994): Bill Clinton's Underwear; Brazilian President Itamar Franco and the Lack Thereof; Rating Politicians on Sex; Notes from SSSS/San Diego; An Optimistic Look Forward

Comes Naturally #20 (April 29, 1994): Raffaelli Goes to Court; The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber; Changes at Future Sex

Comes Naturally #19 (April 1, 1994): Three Collisions between Sexual Sanity and Sexual Fear: The Serious and Not-So-Serious Tales of Ron Raffaelli, Martin Keogh and Michael Rosen

Comes Naturally #18 (March 4, 1994): Antisexualism: A Basic Question of Who's Abusing Whom; Eroticism Moves Uptown at the Robert Koch Gallery

Comes Naturally #17 (February 4, 1994): How the Sexual Frontier Moves into the Mainstream: Playboy and Piercing; Philadelphia and Homophobia; Tales of the City and Gay Kissing; The Latest SEXART Salon

Comes Naturally #16 (January 7, 1994): Porn Studies at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, or Who's Idea Was It to Let Porn Teach the Children About Sex?

Comes Naturally #15 (December 10, 1993): Patti Davis, Patty Hearst, and Lorena Bobbitt: Guns and Knives and Bondage, Oh My!

Comes Naturally #14 (November 12, 1993): Sex Paranoia in the Insurance Industry; Annie Sprinkle Meets Pieman; Cunt Art; Saudek in San Francisco

Comes Naturally #13 (October 15, 1993): Here, There, and Everywhere: SEXART 3 Celebration; Cock Ring Ken; Photo Seizures in Britain; Upsets in Fresno; Hiding the Nipples in Santa Cruz

Comes Naturally #12 (September 17, 1993): Beyond Conventional Porn: Revelations; Real Women, Real Fantasies; The Good Vibrations Video Guide to Vibrators

Comes Naturally #11 (August 20, 1993): Art Attack Erotic Art Show; Mark Chester's Latest SEXART Exhibit; Planned Parenthood Says "Just Say No"?

Comes Naturally #10 (July 23, 1993): Future Sex Comes of Age; Cyborgasm and the Birth of Sexual Radio

Comes Naturally #9 (June 25, 1993): Tales of New York: A New York Play Party; Abe Hirschfeld's Sexy Statue; "Rated X" Photo Show; Sexual Art at the Whitney Museum; Penny Arcade's "Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!"

Comes Naturally #8 (May 28, 1993): S/M in the Media; Reaction in Britain; Of Sex Toys, Metal Detectors and Airport Metatheatre

Comes Naturally #7 (April 30, 1993): Tech Sex

Comes Naturally #6 (April 2, 1993): Paraphilopolis Journal; Sex and Theatre: The Duchess of Malfi and Unquestioned Integrity; Marco Vassi's Novels Reprinted

Comes Naturally #5 (March 5, 1993): On Sexual Objectification

Comes Naturally #4 (February 2, 1993): Crying Holy; Body of Evidence

Comes Naturally #3 (January 8, 1993): Marco Vassi; My Aunt Nettie; Where's Waldo?

Comes Naturally #2 (December 11, 1992): Bruce Herschensohn; Bill Clinton; Sexologists in San Diego; Future Sex 2

Comes Naturally #1 (November 13, 1992): Reactions to Madonna's "Sex"; Vanity Fair's Hot Ads; Danielle Willis at Climate Theatre; Mark I. Chester's Sexart Salons

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