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Middle-aged, caucasian, hetero, residing in an unnamed midwestern city, our correspondent, the pseudonymous Don Riemer, pursues the pleasures of the flesh — aided and abetted by his life partner, the delectable Darling. Both of them report on the results of this search in the extensively illustrated Plunce: Don Riemer's Libidinal Journal.

Decidedly alive below the waist, Riemer and Darling ask themselves (and answer for us) such questions as:

  • Is there sex after 60?
  • If so, who's having it, and with whom?
  • What do various online dating services offer to an older man?
  • Does "black box theory" apply to an understanding of women?
  • How many orgasms does a person need in a lifetime?
  • Why (and how) does size matter -- and not just in bed?

In the process, Riemer and Darling opine on everything from Monica Lewinsky's failure to swallow and Janet Jackson's notorious nipple to the vilification of porn consumers on network TV and the recent news flash that masturbation is good for you. (He knew that all along.)

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