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CN 51-75

Comes Naturally, Issues 51-75

1-25 / 26-50 / 51-75 / 76-100 / 101-125 / 126-158

Comes Naturally #75 (September 25, 1998): My Karma Has Just Run Over My Dogma: Addressing the Sexual Conflicts of Feminist Men

Comes Naturally #74 (August 28, 1998): Viagra and the Pursuit of Perfection

Comes Naturally #73 (July 31, 1998): Some Room of Their Own: Dancers Win Claim Against Mitchell Brothers, Organize in Anchorage

Comes Naturally #72 (July 3, 1998): Cybersex Access: Power to the People

Comes Naturally #71 (May 29, 1998): The Proud Sexual Roots of San Francisco

Comes Naturally #70 (May 1, 1998): Victoria Woodhull, Women’s Suffrage, and the Politics of Free Love

Comes Naturally #69 (April 3, 1998): Dangerous Beauty; Bent; Jock Sturges Under Attack; Sex in Taxicabs

Comes Naturally #68 (March 6, 1998): The Odd Ways We Get To Talk More Freely About Sex

Comes Naturally #67 (January 9, 1998): This Thing We Call Sex

Comes Naturally #66 (December 12, 1997): There Once Was a Union Maid …

Comes Naturally #65 (November 14, 1997): Embracing the Transsexual Menace

Comes Naturally #64 (October 17, 1997): Sexual Performance Art and Community: Two Gatherings of the Tribe; In Memory of Don Crane

Comes Naturally #63 (September 19, 1997): Girls Will Be Boys

Comes Naturally #62 (August 22, 1997): Of Penises, Nipples, and Harper’s Magazine; Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld’s Museum of Sexology; Mark I. Chester’s Sexart 5

Comes Naturally #61 (July 25, 1997): Humane Views of Prostitution Come to Broadway and Television News; S/M Chic Takes a New Turn

Comes Naturally #60 (June 27, 1997): Maintaining the Myths of Monogamy, Military and Otherwise

Comes Naturally #59 (May 30, 1997): Kissed Kisses Where Crash Crashes; Erotic by Nature Seized by British Custom

Comes Naturally #58 (May 2, 1997): Lusty Lady Dancers Ratify Union Contract; Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Regional Conference Report

Comes Naturally #57 (April 4, 1997): The 1997 International Conference on Prostitution: A Milestone in the Growing Movement for Prostitutes’ Rights

Comes Naturally #56 (March 7, 1997): I COP ’97 and the Movement for Prostitutes’ Rights; Annie Sprinkle’s Latest Gems

Comes Naturally #55 (February 7, 1997): Larry Flynt Meets Albert Brooks: Some Thoughts on Sex, Class, Age, and Dear Old Mom

Comes Naturally #54 (January 10, 1997): Two Wonderfully Unglamorous Looks at Prostitution in Other Times; Eight Years After Marco Vassi

Comes Naturally #53 (December 13, 1996): Some Thought on the Word Made Flesh: Sex and the Holidays; “Breaking the Waves”; Luann’s Folks in Bed

Comes Naturally #52 (November 15, 1996): By the Time You Read This Everything Will Have Changed: Some Happy Thoughts on Bill Clinton, Bob Dole, Anne Rice and Where We Seem to Be Headed

Comes Naturally #51 (October 18, 1996): European Perspective: Notes from a Trip to Scandinavia

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