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Villa Florentine Artists' House & the Garden Variety Poetry Series

Just like the Riviera (except for the view . . . )
-- A. D. Coleman, Prop.



If all goes as planned, over the next 12 months we will install two webcams at Villa Florentine, providing continuous views from the hills of Stapleton, a township on Staten Island's North Shore. of street activity on Van Duzer Street and (2) an overview of Stapleton Valley. Additionally, we hope by summer 2006 to initiate streaming audio and video of readings and other performances here.

Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy some short video clips from past readings in the Garden Variety Poetry Series.

Villa Florentine webcam 1: The view from Stapleton Heights down into and across the valley. Approximately south. Wagner College stands near the crest of the hill on the right. In the distance you see Stapleton Houses, a project on Broad Street.

Villa Florentine webcam 2: The view from the front of the Villa, across Van Duzer Street. Approximately north.

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