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Election 2016: Image World (10)

The stills and videos of Trump at the podium during his acceptance speech, radiating anger and contempt and self-satisfaction, strike me (and, from the commentaries I’ve read, many others) as downright scary, though I’m sure neither Trump not his supporters feel the same. At the very least, those visuals don’t make him into a babe magnet for suburban soccer moms. […]

Election 2016: Image World (3)

Parading a pathetic ignoramus around as a trophy ill serves the cause of interracial respect. In these consistently benighted performances, which mix superstition with gullibility, we enter into Amos ‘n’ Andy rerun territory, with the joke on anyone who takes Cain or Carson seriously. […]

Ends and Odds (Again)

The Republic Party goon squad, with the malevolent John Boehner and the smirking Ted Cruz as their pit bulls, lost me the opportunity to engage with a cluster of my colleagues in putting photography from 1980 through the present in perspective, and cost me a paying gig. That makes it personal. […]