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Lucies Underground, with Diamonds (2)

Most recently, the Lucies have taken to circulating an unsourced quote about themselves: “The Lucies are known as ‘the world’s most esteemed photography awards ceremony.'” Known thus by whom? This resembles nothing more than the posturing of the obnoxious new kid on the block, strutting around while proclaiming himself king of the hill ― the compulsive self-aggrandizing of the seriously insecure. […]

Lucies Underground, with Diamonds (1)

At some point in the Oughts I started to question the assumption that a “photography community” existed, at present or in the past. If it did, I should have found it possible to identify actions undertaken by that community as such, locales at which it gathered regularly for informal social interaction, and other indicators of the existence of genuine communal spirit and commitment. Sad fact was, I couldn’t come up with much. […]