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Trope: The Well-Made Photograph (6)

The unimpeachable post-secondary thesis project proposal may have had its origin in BFA and MFA studio photography programs, as I’ve argued in this series of posts, but its pernicious influence does not stop at the giant egress from the ivory tower, alas. A photo-ed version of what’s known in medicine as iatrogenic disease (an adverse condition in a patient resulting from treatment by a physician or surgeon, or resulting from a stay in a hospital), this highly infectious condition incubates during the academic indoctrination period and then gets carried into the larger world outside. […]

Jeff Ward Wants My Writing — Free (4)

Peter Marshall, the British writer/photographer who produced hundreds (thousands?) of articles on photography for, has some thoughtful comments about my recent posts on intellectual-property issues (see #1, #2, and #3) up at his blog, >Re: PHOTO, in his November 9, 2009 post, “Writing for Free.” Though he’s not a full-time working writer, Marshall did […]

Polaroid Collection: Update 4

What lesson can we extract from this? When an institution that houses any important photo/art collection gets into financial trouble, the photo/art community needs to sound an alert and, collectively and aggressively, monitor the situation and seek solutions thereto. The earlier the better. […]

BigYellowDaddy Takes Our Kodachrome Away

I try my best to keep up with whatever news affects me as a member of our lens culture, I attend some of the trade expos, I talk with and listen closely to photographers, I observe at first hand what goes on in photo-education programs around the world, and I make a point of reading the handwriting on the walls. So, when Eastman Kodak announced on June 22 that it had ceased production of Kodachrome film after 74 years, I didn’t consider that at all surprising. Indeed, I found myself in the odd position of thinking “I told you so.” […]