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Election 2016: Image World (10)

The stills and videos of Trump at the podium during his acceptance speech, radiating anger and contempt and self-satisfaction, strike me (and, from the commentaries I’ve read, many others) as downright scary, though I’m sure neither Trump not his supporters feel the same. At the very least, those visuals don’t make him into a babe magnet for suburban soccer moms. […]

Election 2016: Image World (7)

With its elephant-on-a-Fender-guitar logo, The Republic Party wants to claim its convention as the reincarnation of the Woodstock Festival of August 1969, hoping that some of the energy thereof (and the nostalgia it evokes) will rub off. This despite the fact that Woodstock symbolizes everything that the right wing despised then — not just sex, drugs, rock & roll but gender indeterminacy (all that long hair on men), racial integration, women’s lib, anti-war, anti-capitalism, you name it — and everything the right still despises today. […]