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Cabin Fever 2018: Bits & Pieces

If, in the not too distant future, someone needs vivid illustrations of the decline of American culture, they can simply juxtapose an image of Donald Trump frothing at the mouth over some peeve du jour with one of a teenager bubbling over with Tide. […]

Spring Fever 2015: Bits & Pieces

We’ve become the first culture to produce substantially more artists with professional aspirations than our system can possibly absorb. Though more egalitarian than most gatekeeping systems, the photo portfolio review system enables entry to a few while feeding the hopes of the many — “American Idol” writ small, if you will. No harm done, I suppose, and it keeps them off the streets. […]

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Let me add that I would not and will not castigate anyone for accepting this position [Chief Curator at the Center for Creative Photography]. The state of the economy aside, the CCP is a unique repository and a major institution in photography. Running it, whether as Director or Chief Curator, is a dirty and dangerous job, subject to the well-documented machinations of a cluster of verifiable weasels. But someone’s got to do it. […]