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PRC Founder’s Talk (2)

I’ve spent some time in recent years pondering the word citizenship. This began when a good friend pressed me to define the public function of criticism more precisely. To my considerable surprise, I heard myself explain, “It’s the activity of responsible citizenship within a given community.” Though I’ve worked as a professional critic for close to thirty years, I hadn’t known I believed that. […]

100 Photographers from the East in Lausanne, 1 (1990)

[Shortly after the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, then a relatively new museum specializing in photography, announced an ambitious plan to bring together the works of dozens of eastern European photographers in a massive group show the next summer.

I’d met Charles-Henri Favrod, founding director of […]

Jeff Ward Wants My Writing — Free (2)

So when Ward stepped up to my table in the Exhibits Fair at the SPE National Conference, he walked into my shop — my place of business — during business hours. He didn’t have the courtesy to ask me if I could spare the time to meet with him after business hours so he could discuss my Archive project with me. He simply began haranguing me, in front of my actual and prospective customers, about how I should give my wares away free of charge. . . . […]