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Jeff Ward Wants My Writing — Free (4)

Peter Marshall, the British writer/photographer who produced hundreds (thousands?) of articles on photography for, has some thoughtful comments about my recent posts on intellectual-property issues (see #1, #2, and #3) up at his blog, >Re: PHOTO, in his November 9, 2009 post, “Writing for Free.” Though he’s not a full-time working writer, Marshall did […]

Jeff Ward Wants My Writing — Free, #1

I wouldn’t take this personally, except that Ward delivers it in the context of a personal attack on me. This blog post of his begins with a substantial quote from an essay of mine. No problem there, but the irony, lost on Ward, is that he took this quote from a pirated online publication of my text from serial infringer Doug Rickard at his blog AmericanSuburbX. Ward then has some complimentary things to say about my writings before lowering the boom: “I met Coleman at an SPE conference a few years ago . . . and I wondered how he could be so consistently luddite and backward about the future of photographic education. Mainly, judging from his web presence, I really don’t feel like he ‘gets’ the internets.” [Plural his.] . . . […]