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Cabin Fever 2017: Bits & Pieces (1)

So far as I can tell, though several Instagram followers commented on Jared Kushner’s “booty grab,” Frank Bruni alone made official note of it — and that only obliquely. So you probably read it here first. […]

The Photographer and the Painting (1)

If it’s acceptable (or not) for painters to work from photographs, and to replicate closely or paraphrase broadly the iconography of photos, do photographers get to do (or not do) the same with paintings? And, if they do, why do all the complaints about image appropriation seem to come from the photography side of the spectrum? […]

Goodbye to Go Daddy (2)

This blog, its parent website (The Nearby Café), and the three other websites that form the consortium Photo Education Online have become a Go Daddy-free zone. With that said, the cause on behalf of which Go Daddy collaborated in the making of and endorsed SOPA — prevention of internet piracy — is one in which I believe. I’ll continue to sail the online seas and hang anyone pirating my IP from the virtual yardarm here. “Arrr” yourself, matey. You’ve been warned. […]

Jeff Ward Wants My Writing — Free (4)

Peter Marshall, the British writer/photographer who produced hundreds (thousands?) of articles on photography for, has some thoughtful comments about my recent posts on intellectual-property issues (see #1, #2, and #3) up at his blog, >Re: PHOTO, in his November 9, 2009 post, “Writing for Free.” Though he’s not a full-time working writer, Marshall did […]