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Hurricane Sandy: Postlude (2)

A fair bet that those Staten Islanders who bore the brunt of Sandy voted for Romney (or would have if they could have made it to the polls). Which of course doesn’t stop them from calling out for help from FEMA, which Romney-Ryan would have loved to de-fund. Not that they deserve the devastation of their homes as payback for their hypocrisy. Or that divine retribution played some role in that. I’m just saying. […]

Hurricane Sandy: Postlude (1)

First of all, we — myself, my wife Anna, her son/my stepson Jacky, and our two cats, Billie and Mini — survived this hurricane unscathed and are all fine. Second, our house, on a small hill, sustained no damage at all, nor did most of our immediate neighbors — though we’re not far from the coastline of Staten Island. A missing storm window here, a few shingles ripped off there. More good luck. […]