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Adams Authentication and the CCP (3)

You can see how this matter begins to bear on Team Norsigian’s struggle to authenticate the negatives it claims were made by Ansel Adams. Norsigian and his representatives have made numerous efforts to involve the CCP in the authentication of those negatives. In light of the revelation that the CCP does in fact “routinely” authenticate Adams material via a set of established protocols, the CCP’s responses to Team Norsigian’s requests can only be termed suspicious — inappropriate and, in several cases, inconsistent with its own established policies and procedures. […]

Adams Authentication and the CCP (2)

According to a press release dated last Friday, on December 16, 2010, Richard “Rick” Norsigian and PRS Media Partners “publicly announced the filing of a counterclaim against the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. The primary allegations of the four-count suit involve claims for slander and civil conspiracy.” I’ve indicated previously that I fully expect the Adams Trust to prevail in its trademark-violation suit against Norsigian and PRS Media Partners. Yet it’s no contradiction to say that it wouldn’t surprise me if the letter consortium prevailed in its countersuit. […]

Open Letter to the Adams Trust

William Turnage has disgraced and betrayed the Adams Trust, publicly embarrassing that entity. He has recklessly endangered the reputations of four substantial enterprises: the Adams Trust, the Center for Creative Photography, the University of Arizona, and the Ansel Adams Gallery. Perhaps most significantly of all, under Turnage’s leadership the Trust has not only besmirched itself but damaged the reputation and abused the name of Ansel Adams in the guise of protecting it. Turnage has made himself into a high-profile liability the Adams Trust and its partner institutions can no longer afford. […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (17)

This story begins to feel like a rabbit hole, a sinkhole, a black hole — or some combination of those phenomena. Like the irascible diagnostician Dr. Gregory House of the eponymous TV series, I want to lurch to my chalkboard so as to scribble mad notes with interconnecting arrows all over it. Or lay about me with my cane. Or take some serious painkillers. Preferably all three. At once. As Bob Dylan sings, “The people just get uglier, and I have no sense of time.” […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (16)

As Team Norsigian says in the press release accompanying the “Report on Earl Brooks,” “proper authentication is the key to this mystery.” The ball’s in their court insofar as initiating such authentication goes. But they’d sooner save the appearances by rushing about looking busy with unnecessary made work like this pointless report on Brooks. […]