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Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (11)

Amping up the bogosity and racing headlong toward a “goes to 11” mindset, Team Norsigian has apparently decided to sidetrack itself by investing some of its seemingly boundless energies in discrediting the “Uncle” Earl Brooks Theory of provenance for the Norsigian negatives. (Bogosity: “the state or condition of being bogus.”) Toward that end, they’ve dug up an online source for a small trove of Brooks’s commercial work, 81 images in all, presently housed in the Hagley Digital Archives in Wilmington, Delaware. […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (10)

The only people keeping the truth about these negatives from the public are Rick Norsigian and Arnold Peter. By their staunch long-term resistance to engaging any recognized researcher in the field of photography history and conservation — dozens if not hundreds of whom accept such commissions regularly on behalf of private, corporate, and institutional collections — to submit these negatives to scrutiny and testing, they conspire to keep this “controversy” going and ensure that no hard forensic data gets produced. […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (9)

This “buyer beware” warning should instantly raise a red flag for any prospective purchaser, particularly since it appears at a site where otherwise the words “authentication,” “authenticated,” “expert opinion,” and “by Ansel Adams” get sprinkled around like minced parsley on the specials at a yuppie brunch spot. Not to mention an international media environment in which Team Norsigian’s leaders continue to insist on the authenticity claimed. Team Norsigian begins to resemble the medieval “ship of fools”: a transportable dumping ground for those considered one brick shy of a load by their communities. With this disclaimer, they invite others to hop on board. […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (8)

Things haven’t gone well for Team Norsigian in their month-long effort to persuade the world that Rick Norsigian bought 65 gen-u-wine Ansel Adams negatives for $45 at a yard sale in Y2K. Their cluster of presumed experts have mostly had the plausibility and/or relevance of their credentials impeached. David W. Streets, the Beverly Hills gallerist handling the marketing of prints and posters of these images, has been outed as a convicted felon. The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust has filed suit against them in San Francisco Federal District Court for trademark violation. An increasingly plausible alternative, “Uncle” Earl Brooks, has been proposed. […]

Cowflop from the Adams Herd (3)

By what authority did Ansel Adams come to have Yosemite National Park to himself as a prime marketing location from which he could sell his own prints, books, and workshops for something like five decades — a most-favored-photographer status enjoyed by no other since? And what entitles his descendants, two generations removed, none of them making art, to continue that tradition by running a private for-profit gallery on some of the choicest real estate in the entire national park system, for the express purpose of distributing the Adams family product line and other trade goods? Is this cash cow some exclusive Adams family perk in perpetuity? […]