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PRC Founder’s Talk (3)

I mourn the closing of Views, not only (or even primarily) because I was its founding editor and felt a parental relationship to it but because that journal, and a baker’s dozen like it, have proven essential to the recent literature of photography. They provide the historical trace of what’s gone on in various parts of the country, they serve as testing grounds for younger writers and editors, and they function as stages for thoughtful commentary from all of us. […]

Guest Post 3: Carl Chiarenza on Polaroid

The loss of Polaroid 55 PN film is devastating for me. There is no substitute material which I could use to work the way I have for almost 50 years. I may have to stop making new work using the materials and techniques I’ve refined over several decades unless (and I pray that) someone or some manufacturer — Fuji? Ilford? Freestyle’s sources? — sees the mutual value in creating a substitute film. . . . […]