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Election 2016: Image World (17)

It’s Mourning in America

… after the rudest of awakenings. And while the ugliest, scariest presidential campaign of my lifetime, by a factor of — I can’t even pick a multiplier — has ended, the waking nightmare has barely begun. Given his age, Donald Trump will not likely run again (he’ll […]

Cabin Fever 2016: Bits & Pieces (1)

My rule of thumb: If it hasn’t cost you anything, it’s not principle, it’s just attitude. By the same token, if nothing’s at stake it ain’t criticism, merely (in Leon Wieseltier’s felicitous usage) a “take,” which you can change the next day without losing face. […]

Piled Higher and Deeper

Considered in relation to today’s whopping costs of tuition plus living expenses required to buy an MFA (and, if you go that route, a DFA), not to mention the time involved, post-secondary photo ed has become a bad investment, the return on it at best minimal.You’d do well to weigh the value you received for the money you spent on your post-secondary education in photography, and — if you have just become the proud owner of an MFA — give careful thought to doubling down for a doctorate. […]