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Ceçi N’est Pas Un Obama

The experimenters do not define what they mean by a “human face” from a sheep’s-eye point of view. This may seem self-evident, but I think otherwise, because what comprises a “face” depends to a considerable extent on how we see one, both in an image and in the flesh. […]

Election 2016: Image World (8)

The dominant image of the Republican National Convention’s first night — determined by perusing the next day’s coverage — became an array of side-by-side still images and videos of Melanie Trump and Michelle Obama, along with comparative images of the relevant texts of their speeches. This also took the lead in social media.That can’t have pleased the Trump campaign (reportedly, The Donald was furious). […]

Election 2016: Image World (1)

I cannot but note that this cultural moment, including Obama’s preacherly delivery of the June 26 eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney and his assurance that all of this fits into God’s inscrutable plan, will reinforce the faith-based mentality of Christian true believers of all races. […]

Fine-Art Photo Trickledown, 1: The Selfie (a)

Like kudzu, transplanted to the U.S. southeast from Japan, or cane toads, imported to Australia from Hawaii, the so-called “selfie,” short for photographic self-portrait, has found in the combination of cellphone cameras, the internet, and social media an environment that fosters its unchecked growth. Thus it constitutes a classic example of what the late Neil Postman dubbed “media ecology.” […]

Dog Day Afternoons: Bits & Pieces (5)

Those who reviled me as “misogynistic” in early 2012 for my opposition to such tendencies as cut-rate breast and buttock augmentation will doubtless find further proof of my woman-hating attitude in my celebration of a grass-roots movement known as “The Mom Stays in the Picture,” which arose spontaneously in response to an op-ed piece by Allison Tate at The Huffington Post. […]