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Fine-Art Photo Trickledown, 1: The Selfie (a)

Like kudzu, transplanted to the U.S. southeast from Japan, or cane toads, imported to Australia from Hawaii, the so-called “selfie,” short for photographic self-portrait, has found in the combination of cellphone cameras, the internet, and social media an environment that fosters its unchecked growth. Thus it constitutes a classic example of what the late Neil Postman dubbed “media ecology.” […]

Dog Day Afternoons: Bits & Pieces (5)

Those who reviled me as “misogynistic” in early 2012 for my opposition to such tendencies as cut-rate breast and buttock augmentation will doubtless find further proof of my woman-hating attitude in my celebration of a grass-roots movement known as “The Mom Stays in the Picture,” which arose spontaneously in response to an op-ed piece by Allison Tate at The Huffington Post. […]

Election 2012: Image World (17)

While they say revenge is a dish best eaten cold, schadenfreude is best served piping hot. Obama quickly arranged to scarf down a plateful fresh out of the oven. And he set it up so as to share that treat with all of the “47 percent,” plus any others who’ve come to reject and despise Mitt Romney. I’m talking about Obama’s “private lunch” with Romney at the White House on Thursday, November 29. […]

Hurricane Sandy: Postlude (2)

A fair bet that those Staten Islanders who bore the brunt of Sandy voted for Romney (or would have if they could have made it to the polls). Which of course doesn’t stop them from calling out for help from FEMA, which Romney-Ryan would have loved to de-fund. Not that they deserve the devastation of their homes as payback for their hypocrisy. Or that divine retribution played some role in that. I’m just saying. […]

Election 2012: Image World (15)

According to a BBC report, the word “omnishambles” has been named “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. “The word — meaning a situation which is shambolic from every possible angle — was coined in 2009 by the writers of BBC political satire The Thick of It.” Putting an American spin on it, we get Romneyshambles: Any political project with Mitt Romney at its helm. […]