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Photo Review Award 2015

While this is in some ways a lifetime achievement award, it has been spurred specifically by A. D. Coleman’s extraordinary series of blog posts on his website Photocritic International that debunks the myth of Robert Capa’s “melted” D-Day negatives. Along with his collaborators on this series — J. Ross Baughman, Charles Herrick, and Rob McElroy — Coleman has shown how long-form scholarship on the web can be a powerful force for understanding. […]

Lucies Underground, with Diamonds (3)

Clearly, the Lucie Foundation wants the respect of the photo world. You don’t arrogate respect to yourself; you earn it. And you can’t just claim distinction; you have to achieve it. With eleven years of activity under its belt, it’s time for the Lucie Foundation to develop and manifest a realistic self-assessment in its relation to other awards programs, and to make some substantial attitude adjustments and course corrections. […]