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Cowflop from the Adams Herd (4)

William “Wild Bill” Turnage, Managing Trustee of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, has publicly gone into full CYA mode. Turnage wants to reverse the now-widespread perception of himself as a vindictive thug, consequent to the scandalous disclosure of his despicable manipulation of Katharine Martinez, director of the Center for Creative Photography, and his corruption of the administration of the University of Arizona-Tucson, whose library system houses and governs the CCP. […]

Team Norsigian Accentuates the Negative (19)

Going full-steam-ahead into Year Two of the brouhaha over “the lost negatives of Ansel Adams,” Team Norsigian has added the University of Arizona as a defendant in its countersuit against the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. This inclusion of the UofA in the countersuit comes as no surprise. In fall 2010 Arnold Peter, legal counsel for Rick Norsigian, forced the disclosure of a chain of email correspondence between William “Wild Bill” Turnage, Managing Trustee of the Adams Trust, and various functionaries at the Center for Creative Photography and the UofA (which houses the CCP). That correspondence makes it absolutely clear that Turnage blackmailed the CCP’s newly installed director, Katharine Martinez, into reluctantly signing an inappropriate and prejudicial public statement discrediting Norsigian’s claims regarding the glass-plate negatives he bought at a yard sale in Fresno and has attributed to Ansel Adams. […]

Open Letter to the Adams Trust

William Turnage has disgraced and betrayed the Adams Trust, publicly embarrassing that entity. He has recklessly endangered the reputations of four substantial enterprises: the Adams Trust, the Center for Creative Photography, the University of Arizona, and the Ansel Adams Gallery. Perhaps most significantly of all, under Turnage’s leadership the Trust has not only besmirched itself but damaged the reputation and abused the name of Ansel Adams in the guise of protecting it. Turnage has made himself into a high-profile liability the Adams Trust and its partner institutions can no longer afford. […]

Guest Post 7: Patrick Alt on the Norsigian/Adams Negatives

I was . . . retained not as a research historian. . ., but [for] my encyclopedic knowledge of cameras, lenses, and the more technical aspects of the plates. . . . As to the current status of my stance on the Norsigian plates, after hearing the opinion of my old friend John Sexton, who is convinced they are not by Ansel, I am now leaning toward that as well. I trust John’s integrity and his long history with Ansel and if it is good enough for John, I think I should follow his lead. […]

Cowflop from the Adams Herd (2)

I have none of the specialist skills necessary to contribute usefully to this investigation, nor any preferred outcome here. So I concern myself with the quality of the discourse from the two camps — and, for my money, Team Norsigian has so far proved itself measured, judicious, and open-handed, as opposed to the frothing apoplectic rage and deceitful doubletalk coming from the Adams herd. […]