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Guest Post 24: Robert Dannin on the “Day in the Life” Projects (c)

“A Day in the Life of America” was a classic bait-and-switch maneuver, directing the public gaze toward nonsense images while the Reagan administration savagely attacked ordinary working people. Lacking spontaneity, decontextualized, and bordering on puffery, the artless Day in the Life of America remains arguably the most embarrassing collection of images in the annals of photography. […]

Alternate History: Robert Capa and ICP (2)

By any standards, the touring Robert Capa retrospective launched by Cornell Capa via Magnum in 1960 proved an overwhelming success. The show toured in three sets through 1969, with stops at no fewer than 100 venues across North America and Europe: museums, college and university galleries and student unions, high schools, banks, churches, public libraries, even county fairs. […]

Jack Kerouac: Tech Pioneer (3)

Tools cannot and should not ever be considered neutral. Whether tangible (a hammer and nails) or intangible (any given language), tools encode assumptions and biases, some unconscious and some not, built into them by those who invent and refine them. Those assumptions and biases are sometimes idiosyncratic but almost always cultural. […]