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Election 2012: Image World (9)

Paul Ryan is the human face of “compassionate conservatism,” in other words. The rise to the top of the Republic Party of this cynical, opportunistic piece of white Wisconsin trash is proof positive that, even in the fetid waters of the radical right, fecal matter floats. […]

Election 2012: Image World (6)

Tthe Republic Party’s base, which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan courted so ardently and now represent, is deeply implicated in the sponsorship, funding, production, and initial distribution of “Innocence of Muslims,” and has direct responsibility for the consequent Muslim protests now raging around the world over this short film. Yet, so far as I know, nowhere in the media coverage of all this has anyone addressed these connections. […]

Election 2012: Image World (3)

The Man Behind the Mask

Ignorance is a condition; dumbness is a commitment.

— Richard Kirstel

Mitt Romney is a deeply committed fellow. As a result, he has serious image problems.

A week after falsely describing a statement from the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya […]