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Election 2016: Image World (12)

Were I in charge of Clinton’s campaign, I’d pull a bunch of TV ads from the outtakes from Shonda Rhimes’s DNC film. And I’d get Hillary out of those damn pantsuits and into comfortable slacks and cotton shirts like she wears here. If she can let go of the formality that those suits evoke from her, and talk to the voters the way she talks with whoever interviewed her for that film, across an imaginary kitchen table, she will win in November. […]

Election 2016: Image World (11)

Michelle Obama chose, with great dignity, to speak about black history, and specifically to highlight one telling, little-known, and rarely mentioned historical fact: That slave labor helped build the White House where she and her family reside today. This was Michelle Obama’s historical moment, searing itself into the national consciousness with the same fire that blazed in Beyoncé’s Super Bowl “Formation” performance. Carefully calibrated for the occasion, surely, but just as potent in its own way. […]