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Internships, etc.

Although at present I don’t teach regularly in any college, university, or art institute, I continue to work with assistants and interns looking for independent-study credits, thesis projects, and a wide assortment of real-world experience. Indeed, many of my own projects have included student and assistant efforts on some level, and I always give credit in the projects themselves to anyone who helps with them.

Skill sets that prove useful, whether you bring them with you or acquire them on the job: online and library research, writing, editing, picture research, CD-ROM/DVD/multimedia design and editing, database, html, correspondence, rights acquisition, project management.

Students from such schools as Bennington College, Pratt Institute, the Massachusetts College of Art, New York University, the University of Arizona, and the Visual Studies Workshop have worked with me over the years. Former students, assistants and interns of mine now run college-level photo departments, head museum departments of photography, publish books by others, run their own multimedia companies, teach, and of course produce, exhibit, and publish their own work as photographers and writers. (For information on their doings since they flew the coop, click here.)

So internships and assistantships are always available here, year-round. Some of the projects require the person’s presence in New York (in which case I can sometimes provide room and board in a separate studio in my house). Others — especially web-related and/or multimedia work — can be performed on the individual’s own schedule and wherever he or she is based, via telecommuting.

Some samples of projects in the hopper:

  • development of new entries for the second edition of the Center for Creative Photography’s 1968-95 bibliography of my writings (published in 2000), which I have updated through the present and converted to a Filemaker database, suitable for online publication;
  • work on the New Eyes Project, a resource for everyone teaching photography to the young (K-12 );
  • work on the Photo Writers’ Registry;
  • editorial and production work for the expansion of the Photography Criticism CyberArchive, the largest online repository of texts on photography;
  • design of four multimedia projects (one based on the work of Robert Heinecken, one surveying my professional activities, one involving my creative writing, plus a DVD version of spine, my collaboration with Nina Sederholm);
  • work on The Nearby Café’s History of Photography Calendar, which appears elsewhere at this site;
  • picture research and picture-rights negotiations for several books in progress;
  • continuing annotation of my correspondence files for the Center for Creative Photography archive of my material.

If any of these interest you, or if you’re a teacher with students looking for such opportunities, don’t hesitate to contact me at adc AT nearbycafe DOT com.

— A. D. Coleman

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