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Projects: Ongoing

I keep many irons in the fire. As a rule, I have both long-term/ongoing projects in development (a comprehensive bibliography, several websites) and short-term/one-shot ventures underway or planned (a book of essays, a multimedia piece).

I welcome help on any of these, from any source: students, colleagues, young pre-professionals seeking hands-on experience. Some of those who have worked with me have built on what they learned and gone on to carve out their own careers; see the Where Are They Now? page for examples.

Over the years, both they and I have found that a single semester’s involvement generally doesn’t allow enough time to accomplish anything tangible (unless it’s a project undertaken by an entire class instead of a lone student). For that reason, I prefer to work within volunteers over the course of an academic year or even longer. But I have a few specific research tasks that can fit into a semester’s span, so if you have the energy I’ll make use of it.

You’ll find a list of specific projects on the pages underneath this one in the blog. I’ve spelled them out in some detail so you can decide whether working on them with me will enhance your skill set in useful ways or otherwise prove valuable to you.

— A. D. Coleman

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